Web Development


AngularJS, Bootstrap, SQL Server

I created a file upload application that allowed a branch of the US government to archive its files. There were several pages to the application, including a front-facing page for the initial file upload, a page to view a dashboard of all the files, and another page to search the files by type.

AE Inbox

AngularJS, Bootstrap, Oracle

As part of a development team, I created an application similiar to Microsoft Outlook to integrate with a larger suite of applications that involved adverse events. The application takes in emails that are sent to a particular email address and the user is able to process the email to determine its adverse event status. This email application then transfers the process to another staging application built by another team member.

timer app


A simple timer app using pure JavaScript. Live Site

todo list app


I wanted to practice coding with JavaScript so I created a todo list. This app also uses a quotation API. Live Site

depression bipolar support alliance of lehigh valley website


Being the web master of a non-profit organization, I set up the domain and hosted a WordPress website using a third party service. I customized the layout using a template and provided the content.

hiatt zhao photography website 2014

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

This was my photography portfolio from 2010 to 2013. I used the galleria plugin to view the photos as a slide show and integrated a social media sharing feature. The website also contained a contact form.

moore township athletic association website


Working as a member of a four person team, I helped to create a content management website for a local sports association. While giving support to the lead developer, I utilized my skills in PHP and MySQL to get the project complete in time.

northern lehigh historical society website

HTML, CSS, jQuery

As the team lead, I designed the layout and provided the majority of the code for a non-profit organization. The organization enjoyed the website experience and the website has attracted many members since.

pool app


To learn React, I built a pool score tracking app. Live Site


hiatt zhao portrait

I am a curious creature who loves learning. I have an undergraduate degree in chemistry, completed the pre-med program (but did not apply to medical school), obtained a master degree in finance, and finished an architecture certificate program at Harvard Graduate School of Design. My interests vary quite a bit as I often find myself reading positive psychology, design, and business books. I taught myself most of the things I need to create fantastic websites. These include HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, React, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, WordPress, and others.

Hire me if you want someone who is passionate about learning and discovery, works well in a commitment culture, thinks creatively and probabilistically, and is a self starter. If you think we are a good fit feel free to connect with me. We can do great things together!